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Organized House


Here’s a little help for those of you who need a few tips on keeping the house clean and organized.


  1. Wash Dishes and Utensils
  2. Clean kitchen counters
  3. Clean kitchen sink
  4. Sweep kitchen floor
  5. Make Bed


  1. Dust furniture
  2. Vacuum rugs
  3. Damp mop kitchen floor
  4. Clean out refrigerator
  5. Wash Clothes and put away
  6. Clean trash cans
  7. Mow the lawn
  8. Clean the bathroom


  1. Wipe wood trim
  2. Wash windows
  3. Turn over mattresses, end to end or side to side
  4. Wipe doorknobs
  5. Polish furniture
  6. Wash inside and outside of refrigerator


  1. Clean out closets, donate unused clothes
  2. Clean out cluttered drawers
  3. Pack winter or summer clothes
  4.  Wash mattress covers
  5. Change winter or summer bed covering
  6. Change and clean drapes


  1. Have furnace and air conditioning units serviced
  2. Shampoo carpets ( if needed)